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É véspera de natal, você está em seu trabalho quando todos já foram embora passar o natal em família, quando recebe uma ligação inesperada de sua filha, seu principal objetivo é terminar o seu serviço antes de retornar para casa, porém, há algo de errado neste lugar..

Dublagem  Portugues Ingles
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WASD - Mover

MOUSE - Interação


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It's Christmas Eve, you're at your job when everyone has gone to spend Christmas as a family, when you get an unexpected call from you, your main objective is to finish your work before returning home, however, there's something wrong with this place..




WASD - Move

MOUSE - Interaction


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Updated 8 days ago
Published 13 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorSamuka Gomes
Made withUnity, SketchUp
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Female Protagonist, First-Person, Horror, Narrative, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese (Brazil)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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First game played in this video. Absolutely loved it!!!

great game

I recorded a video with Chinese translation


 scary game

I really liked this demo, even though I think I ran into a bug where even though I chose English the subtitles weren't. I got the gist of the story though, and luckily scares transcend language barriers. Well done, looking forward to the full release because this was creepy.

Good game, good development

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Sorry but this game is very buggy and needs more attention before I’ll play it.

hello, the game demo was reviewed from end to end before its release, it didn’t present any bugs, let me know in more detail where you witnessed this and I can help :)

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Sure, happy to help.

  • Menus don’t seem to save your information or show incorrect information (ie, screen resolution, language). The resolution drop down shows multiple options for the same screen mode.
  • The ringing sound from your mobile phone sounds like a standard telephone and as there is a telephone on the table, I tried to interact with that. Its not clear you are holding a mobile phone at the start of the game.
  • When you leave the first room, you’re able to walk through a wall on the right as you leave. (ie, there is no collision detection).
  • Coffee is misspelt “coffe”
  • There is a coffee vending machine in one of the hallways and its not clear if you should use that or go to the kitchen.
  • When heading back to your office room, its not clear that you’re supposed to sit back in your chair to progress.
  • When the upload is finished, the room goes into complete darkness (completely black) and was near impossible to know where to go as I was colliding into things.
  • I was unable to pick up what I assumed to be the flashlight from the beam. I clicked all around it but unfortunately could not pick it up.

It was at the point I knew I couldn’t progress as I was in complete darkness, so I quit :(

Hope that helps.

About resolutions, I recommend that you change it only when you click play, inside the menu it won’t make much difference, either 1980x1080 (HD) or 1280x720 for something lighter. Upon you returning to the office, there is a collider on the chair, that if you touch it, move away and point again, you will receive the message to press. About the flashlight, try to pick it up at a certain distance, the same thing when using the panel, don’t be too close. As this is a demo, these small details are to be really improved, but I guarantee it won’t hinder your experience :)

I don't understand Portuguese but managed somehow. Excellent game! So eager to play the full version!

Check out my channel for more, thanx! Please subscribe, like, and comment I will reply :)

Hi, the game contains English support in its menu, I’m glad you liked it :)

Very creepy played a few games similar to this.

glad you liked it

Nice Demo, I will buy the fullgame as well

Glad you had fun, news coming soon ;)

Good Demo! Will be interested in seeing the full thing!

Hi, I’m glad you played, watched the gameplay and noticed some small details in which you could change the language to English in the game menu, and in the panel you just had to step away and use it :)

Oh man! I tried looking off camera, but couldn't figure it out! Will have to go back and do that so I can finish! Thanks!

nette kleine Demo :) hat aufjedenfall Atmosphäre und eine super Engine.

Freue mich auf die Vollversion !

Hi, I’m glad you had fun with the demo :)

Can´t wait for the full release :)

oi samuka  vou baixar seu jogo  pra mim gravar quanto começa  as aulas por meu irmao ok

Divirta - se :)

pode apostar meu amigao

atela do deu jogo ta tudo preta para mim ok

Undoubtedly a very interesting psychological horror game. I can't wait to see it complete and learn more about the story. Congratulations on your game.

Thanks for the comment! It is very important for the development of the project :)